NCM Virtual Carshow 2020
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C6 Grand Sport Timing and musical influences played major roles in my becoming a Corvette enthusiast. Growing up in the sixties,... : Christopher CapshawNcmVettes/myimgs/image004.jpg
First Car This 2012 Corvette was originally owned by my friend Joe's dad, the Captain as we so lovingly called him. The Cap... : Thomas Peel NcmVettes/myimgs/image005.jpg
Tuna Sport My wife and I call our Corvette the "Tuna Sport." It's a 2013 60th Anniversary 427 Convertible. My first Corv... : Alton Dobbins NcmVettes/myimgs/image006.jpg
Mistress My 2014 C7 Corvette is alpine white with the Kalahari interior and Kalahari convertible top. I have added many it... : Charles P. LaSalla NcmVettes/myimgs/image007.jpg
2015 Z06/Z07 "Freedom" "Freedom" is a 2015 Z06/Z07. In 2015 the Z06 returned to the Corvette line up, boasting a Supercharger producing... : Dan Black NcmVettes/myimgs/image008.jpg
Miss Carlisle Blue We first saw Carlisle Blue, in honor of Corvettes at Carlisle, when the Corvette Engineers drove samples to the ... : Michael Chiteman NcmVettes/myimgs/image009.jpg
Jim Hover's 1961 Corvette My dad purchased this 1961 Corvette in 1978 and still owns it today. It is completely original, including the Er... : Craig Hover NcmVettes/myimgs/image010.jpg
Craig Hover's 1993 Corvette I was a 11-years-old when the C4 Corvette debuted, and I was hooked from the very start. This is my 1993 40th-An... : Craig Hover NcmVettes/myimgs/image011.jpg
First Car : Trevor Sheldon 2017 Z06NcmVettes/myimgs/image012.jpg
1970 Corvette This is my 1970 Corvette that I bought brand new from Gates Chevrolet in South Bend In. on June 3, 1970. It is un... : Daniel CreanNcmVettes/myimgs/image013.jpgCarbon 65 The 2018 C7 represented the 65 anniversary year of corvette. In celebration, 650 Carbon 65's packages were offere... : Shawn Fear NcmVettes/myimgs/image014.jpg
Frosty 2020 Stingray Z51, 3LT, Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic, Twilight/Tension Blue Interior, Exposed Carbon Fiber Ground... : Todd Bogdan NcmVettes/myimgs/image015.jpg
Ariana This beautiful 2018 Carbon65 was ordered and built while I lived in China. A lot of long distance conversations ... : Michael Frye NcmVettes/myimgs/image016.jpg
Floozy NCM Historic Motorama #1 1977 participant. "Floozy" got her name from my wife, Phyllis, who was getting even w... : James Wendorf NcmVettes/myimgs/image017.jpg
Green Envy This is the ONLY 2014 Lime Rock Green Convertible to leave the factory with Inferno Orange Strips and the winged ... : Michael Robbins NcmVettes/myimgs/image018.jpg
Crushin Living the Dream! Crushin is my 2020 Corvette Stingray, VIN 50, and also my 20th Corvette and 50th birthday pres... : Jeremy R. Welborn NcmVettes/myimgs/image019.jpg
AirGray Here is my 2019 Grand Sport at the local Air Show. I was asked to bring it out for the show and then participate... : Kenneth B. Gray NcmVettes/myimgs/image020.jpg
Herzing 1963 Not to make light of the current pandemic but we were told to make sure our loved ones wear masks... I don't i... : Paul M. Herzing NcmVettes/myimgs/image021.jpg
Greenwood IMSA Corvette This race Corvette was built by Frank 'Skip' Panzarella as a roadster, won N/E SCCA A/P, sold to Dale Kreider who... : Larry Vanscoy NcmVettes/myimgs/image022.jpg
Red Shadow : Paul Pratt NcmVettes/myimgs/image023.jpg
Blue 1963 Corvette SWC owned by Darwin & Patricia Ludi. We are the 4th owners of this car. We purchased the car in 200... : Darwin Ludi NcmVettes/myimgs/image024.jpg
Black We are the 4th owners of this 1963 SWC and have owned it since 1990. Car comes with its numbers matching 327/250h... : Darwin Ludi NcmVettes/myimgs/image025.jpg
Calypso Calypso is my third Corvette and first R8C delivery. She is my everyday driver and has completed three cross-cou... : Pete Neild NcmVettes/myimgs/image026.jpg
1962 Corvette 1962 Corvette - Fawn Beige in & out, 300hp/4 spd. An original 2-top, numbers matching car with 64K original miles... : David B. Reeves NcmVettes/myimgs/image027.jpg
The Growler 50 years between corvette rides. My first ride in a Corvette was in 1958 when the boy next door graduated from c... : Thomas Marazzi NcmVettes/myimgs/image028.jpg
First Car I had a huge gun collection that I had accumulated over several years, but found myself not "playing" with them a... : Lowell Munn NcmVettes/myimgs/image029.jpg
My Sunshine Sold the car. Kept the man. My 1963 restored C2 was show quality. While dating my long-term boyfriend, I i... : Joyce Barlow NcmVettes/myimgs/image030.jpg
1963 convertible When I was 5 months pregnant my husband came home one day and said- Honey, I'm so happy you are carrying our firs... : Joyce Barlow NcmVettes/myimgs/image031.jpg
Freedom 3 My Therapy Car, an American Corvette Words no one wants to hear. Your wife has Alzheimer's. I took care of her... : Jack Williams NcmVettes/myimgs/image032.jpg
Little Red This is my 1968 Corvette convertible. 327/350, 4sp, Power Steering, both tops car. The reason I purchased this ... : Riddic Bowers NcmVettes/myimgs/image033.jpg
615 Z06 2017 Z06/Z07 3LZ - Bought the car after retiring in 2018 to have a street/track car that would be competitive in ... : Russ Alford NcmVettes/myimgs/image034.jpg
2009 Cadillac XLR Platinum Yes, I know.... Its not a bonafied Corvette but it was born in the same factory with as much love and care as it... : Elise Olausen NcmVettes/myimgs/image035.jpg
BKSams 88 Vette 1988 Corvette Coupe 350 cu. in. Doug Nash 4+3 transmission Bright Red (as ALL Corvettes should be) All Origi... : Bernie Sams NcmVettes/myimgs/image036.jpg
69SHRK My 1969 Base 350/300 Corvette (136,000+ miles) is a "Driver”. The only trailer ride its ever gotten was when I bl... : Andrew Molodovitch NcmVettes/myimgs/image037.jpg
Help me Rhonda : Mike Mills 2010 ZR! Jet Stream Blue car #43NcmVettes/myimgs/image039.jpg
2018 GS ("the Rose") Per FB, she was a GM executive car with 9,900 miles on her. After taking delivery, I began to research. In a Co... : Linda B. Specht NcmVettes/myimgs/image041.jpg
1979 corvette T-Top C3 Pictured is a 1979 Corvette C3 T-Top, owned by Clyde J. Carpenter of 451 East Nelson Road, Moses Lake, Washington... : Clyde J. Carpenter NcmVettes/myimgs/image042.jpg
Kloster Corvette Garage Kloster Corvette Garage built in 2007 houses our collection of cars and memorabilia. Besides our Corvettes—1958, ... : Larry Kloster NcmVettes/myimgs/image043.jpg
2008 Convertible Corvette Pace Car We purchased this 30th anniversary 2008 Pace Car because we owned a 1978 Pace Car at that time. It is #265 of the... : Larry Kloster NcmVettes/myimgs/image044.jpg
2018 Carbon 65 Grand Sport We took R8C Museum Delivery of our 2018 Carbon 65 Grand Sport on January 4, 2018. Our Carbon 65 Grand Sport was ... : Larry Kloster NcmVettes/myimgs/image045.jpg
Copper Metallic ZR-1 My car is a 1991 Copper Metallic Corvette ZR-1. The car was originally Dark Red Metallic, but I always loved the... : Joseph Thomas NcmVettes/myimgs/image046.jpg
1992 Corvette : Rick Gladman NcmVettes/myimgs/image047.jpg
First Car 1992 Z07, in Quasar Blue over black. Pictured in front of a Mitchell bomber, a flying piece located at the Can... : susan smith NcmVettes/myimgs/image047.jpg
2014 3LT Z51 CALLAWAY In 2010 I saw a car at a dealership in Richmond, BC Canada that was a Callaway. I told my husband that it what I ... : Brian Toop NcmVettes/myimgs/image048.jpg
2000 Mag Red Coupe We bought (our 1st Vette) in 2015. 90,381 miles. Paint dead, interior trashed. Today, it has 121,894 miles & has ... : J C Skip Straus NcmVettes/myimgs/image049.jpg
ZL1-67 I started this build in July 2015 and am finally getting shakedown miles on it now. It is still minus the SS wind... : John Minnick NcmVettes/myimgs/image050.jpg
Bud Pace Car This Corvette is one of two actual track pace cars modified by General Motors for the 2007 Budweiser Shootout at ... : Marty Hodits NcmVettes/myimgs/image051.jpg
RedHorse I call this 86 vette "Redhorse" after my Military Unit in the USAF. I've had this beauty for 10 years and just tu... : Bruce Kollmann NcmVettes/myimgs/image052.jpg
The Red Blur This beauty belongs to my wife, thou she did want a Cadillac but after she saw this one sitting by itself at a de... : Bruce Kollmann NcmVettes/myimgs/image053.jpg
Callaway Z06 test car Callaway's 2003 Z06 test & development car. I purchased this car in November 2005 from Callaway Cars in Old Lime,... : Gary Nichols NcmVettes/myimgs/image054.jpg
First Car Have owned and enjoyed my '57 since 2001. Bought as a restored car but soon found out that she needed a frame off... : Harry Martin NcmVettes/myimgs/image055.jpg
53 replica pedal car Grandson Simon loves his pedal car and joining Daddy (2003 Brickyard 400) and Gramps (2010 Grand Sport museum del... : Marjorie C. Mathews NcmVettes/myimgs/image056.jpg
First Car 1988 Anniversary Corvette number 1976. Owned for 30 years Top Flight National and Top Flight Chapter. Story ... : Diana Cooley NcmVettes/myimgs/image057.jpg
UNVRCAR Can you read our plate, UNVRCAR? It is a 2004 Machine Silver coupe. Here is its story: There was a young man i... : Randy O'Neil NcmVettes/myimgs/image058.jpg
Museum Prize 2007 C6 Black on Black /Ebony interior, Won on June build your own Raffel. Texas tags 'PDBI1' to tell the world ... : Paul Borchardt NcmVettes/myimgs/image059.jpg
Jeff's 1st Grand Sport 2017 Corvette Grand Sport - Long Beach Red I waited until I was sure that both of my twin sons were graduating... : Jeff Schweikert NcmVettes/myimgs/image060.jpg
Black 2007 Corvette Z06 Meet Bucephalus. My wife and I enjoy naming our cars. I decided to name my stock, 2007 Z06 after the famous horse... : Bruce Kokko NcmVettes/myimgs/image061.jpg
Goldie Locks Of course its a '63 Split window coupe, Saddle tan exterior with Saddle tan leather interior. Purchased in Late s... : Stan W. Gordon NcmVettes/myimgs/image062.jpg
2013 Yellow 427 Corvette This 2013 Yellow 427 Corvette is a shared passion between my Dad and myself. This is the newest, and our most fav... : Bradley Powers NcmVettes/myimgs/image063.jpg
First Car My 2019 ZR1 #0856: 1ZR base model, 7-speed manual, comp seats, ZTK package, comp air box, engine build experience... : Robert Williams NcmVettes/myimgs/image064.jpg
1961 C1 Corvette fixup : Richard HoldemanNcmVettes/myimgs/image065.jpg
Black Shark I fell in love with this car from the first moment I saw it. It had been promised to someone I was working with. ... : Darryl Loafman NcmVettes/myimgs/image066.jpg
Flutterby Finally got my dream car, my corvette. Then decided to make it a tribute to our daughter whom we lost to cancer.... : Carla Comer NcmVettes/myimgs/image067.jpg
2003 LS1 Corvette Coupe "Red on Red" "Orphaned” for almost 8 years - 6 "foster families” in 7 years - finally "adopted” at age 15. Our "Red on Red... : Mike Lambert NcmVettes/myimgs/image068.jpg
Carbon Beauty The moment I first laid eyes on this stunning vehicle, I thought to myself.....somehow I just have to have it! I... : Harold Berman NcmVettes/myimgs/image069.jpg
2019 Grand Sport My first Corvette was a new white 1981. I got a lot of use out of it participating at car shows, parades and driv... : Ralph T. Peti NcmVettes/myimgs/image070.jpg
BEAST 2005 Coupe with Z51 Package (Complete Story Will Not Fit for Best Story) Complete rebuild from top to bottom ins... : Timothy Wayne NcmVettes/myimgs/image071.jpg
Hobbes February, 1977 – for me, that's when the seed was planted to one day own a mid-engine Corvette. Thanks to the ho... : Ralph Klestadt NcmVettes/myimgs/image072.jpg
Brazen A dream came true for me. My first ride in a corvette was 1977 in. C3. Me and my friend sat in the passenger s... : Kenneth Kersanty NcmVettes/myimgs/image073.jpg
MAHANEY C6 This is our 2008 Corvette at a past Town of Middlesex NY Memorial Day parade. Our Corvette was driven by my son B... : thomas j. mahaney NcmVettes/myimgs/image074.jpg
Her Hyghness Not only is this 2005 Corvette Convertible a beautiful vehicle in pristine condition with less than 45K miles on ... : Robin J. Yager NcmVettes/myimgs/image075.jpg
Old Red 1981 Corvette Red Exterior Black Interior Stock Original Equipment Car was a true barn find. The previous ow... : Frank DiMarco NcmVettes/myimgs/image076.jpg
Yellow 1972 Corvette owner by a Mother and Daughter first owner. I am the sceond owner I bought it in 2006 with 41997 Or... : Louis N. Luongo NcmVettes/myimgs/image077.jpg
Nasty Red Nasty Red! Straight out of Texas, this Shiny black 2009 C6 Custom Coupe is the roughest, toughest ride at the rod... : Red Eldor NcmVettes/myimgs/image078.jpg
Dad's '61 Single Family car - original paint! My father purchased our '61 new in December 1960 at Dick Fencl Chevy in Oak ... : Fred Kokaska NcmVettes/myimgs/image079.jpg
1962 GM Styling Show Car Chevrolet's 50th Anniversary 1962 GM Styling Show Car Chevrolet's 50th Anniversary This is the only C-1 Styling Show Car i... : T T. Routt NcmVettes/myimgs/image080.jpg
1976 Corvette Stingray, Amy This is my first corvette, she's a 1976. I have loved the corvette all My life but never got into them until abo... : Brandon J. Ensey NcmVettes/myimgs/image081.jpg
Rey Growing up my dad's close friend had a 74 and our neighbor had a convertible 89 (which he still has), and I fell ... : Lennard Jenkins NcmVettes/myimgs/image082.jpg
RAS19Z As a medically retired Veteran my time on the front line serving is over, but my willingness to continue to serve... : Gary S. Preston NcmVettes/myimgs/image083.jpg
Red I have always wanted a Corvette! A little over three years ago near my 60th birthday my best friend and Corvette... : Johnny W. Biles NcmVettes/myimgs/image084.jpg
1st Vette Car was untitled for the last 15 years and owned by a niece who inherited it from her deceased uncle. 84000 origi... : Joe Low NcmVettes/myimgs/image085.jpg
1970 Corvette 1970 Bridgehampton Blue Coupe with Bright Blue interior and OEM side pipes. Purchased in 1977 as my "cadet car” a... : Robert Marlin NcmVettes/myimgs/image086.jpg
1963 Split Window Corvette 1963 Split Window Corvette Red / Red 327 / 300hp 4 Speed Number matching / No modifications My father was ... : Kenneth R. Hatcher NcmVettes/myimgs/image087.jpg
Craig's Grand Sport I needed to switch to an automatic after losing my left leg in 2017. I traded in my 2010 6 speed ZR1 for this be... : Craig Olson NcmVettes/myimgs/image088.jpg
No Name This is a 1987 Corvette that was a barn find. My mother took possession of the severely distressed car in early 2... : Hunter S. Reese NcmVettes/myimgs/image089.jpg
ZR1Mom Z06 I was one of the first to order the new 2015 Z06 from my dealer. What happen next was amazing, I am a Vietnam Vet... : Dave Bright NcmVettes/myimgs/image090.jpg
TOBASCO After a C5 convertible and a C6 Grand Sport convertible, I had to make the switch to a more powerful and track re... : Brad Burdick NcmVettes/myimgs/image091.jpg
2018 Corvette Grand Sport Carbon 65 coupe, Ceramic Matrix Gray Attending the 2017 NCM Bash in April we were interested in the GM presentation for the upcoming 2018 model year. ... : John Sullivan NcmVettes/myimgs/image092.jpg
ZO6/Callaway My big Corvette day started started on Jan. 10, 2019, I won the Corvette Museum raffle, a 2019 ZO6 after several ... : Steve Blunk NcmVettes/myimgs/image093.jpg
Bill's 2016 Z06 I've been fortunate having owned Corvettes from the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th generations. My C7 is a 2016 Laguna Bl... : William Hickey NcmVettes/myimgs/image094.jpg
Silver Ray In 1958 when I was 16, several 55 Chevy's came and went. After getting out of the service, a new car was in order... : Wayne Ray NcmVettes/myimgs/image095.jpg
M1SSLE 2013 60th Anniversary Edition Z06 3LZ Exterior: Arctic White Interior: Diamond Blue Vossen S17-03 3 Piece Cust... : Joseph A. Civello NcmVettes/myimgs/image096.jpg
International Survivor This 1966 Corvette became a slalom and drag racer in 1973. It was raced in western USA and Canada and featured a... : Tony Caracciolo NcmVettes/myimgs/image097.jpg
#7 On March of 2016 they sent an email about needing pre-orders for the grand sport heritage package and evidently I... : Ronald Harris NcmVettes/myimgs/image098.jpg
First Car Lost and Found: I ordered and purchased a new Corvette Stingray in 1969 - 427, 400 hp, 4-speed, with side exhaus... : Larry E. Watkins NcmVettes/myimgs/image099.jpg
C7 JAKE This is "C7 JAKE", we ordered it in June 2015 and took delivery of our new 2016 Z06 Coupe in July of 2015. It's e... : Tom Clark NcmVettes/myimgs/image100.jpg
1963 Split Window Coupe : Stanley M. Trask 1963 Split Window Coupe used by Microsoft in the production of their Xbox Game "Project Gotham Racing"NcmVettes/myimgs/image101.jpg
Shadow In November 2018, we took a two-week road trip in our 2015 Stingray, which including cruising the Blue Ridge Park... : James Avenius NcmVettes/myimgs/image102.jpg
Black Rose Sting Purchased from Aurora Colorado in Picayune MS in September 2017. It was shipped out to Colorado just 4 hours bef... : Bill Gregory NcmVettes/myimgs/image103.jpg
First Car We are Indy 500 enthusiasts. On May 26, 2013 we attended the Indy 500 and saw a car like this pace the race. Th... : Dave N. Noble NcmVettes/myimgs/image104.jpg
Silver Bullet This 1966 427 L36 was ordered by a doctor in Newbern, Tennessee as a high school graduation present for his daugh... : Michael L. Johnson NcmVettes/myimgs/image105.jpg
2019 ZR1 : Charles Davaney Only a select few can be a member of the high horse power bowtie club. Happy to proudly wear the badge.NcmVettes/myimgs/image106.jpg
First Corvette When the time came to replace my beloved 2010 BMW M3 I visited my dealer and ordered a yet to be released BMW M2,... : Jon Wade NcmVettes/myimgs/image107.jpg
Scott's C7 In 1980, I borrowed a friends '69 4 speed Corvette coupe for a weekend. The Corvette bug bit me hard. By Septembe... : Scott M. Lane NcmVettes/myimgs/image108.jpg
Herzing 63 Split Window 1963 Split Window Coupe, Daytona Blue with Daytona Blue interior. The car is 98% numbers/date stamp matching. W... : Paul M. Herzing NcmVettes/myimgs/image109.jpg
Jerry's 1979 As a child of the 1970's, I always loved the C3 Corvette. My father was a mechanic, and every once in a while a ... : Jerry Rose NcmVettes/myimgs/image110.jpg
First Car My car is shown here with my Granddaughter and here colleagues at the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter here in B... : Ken Laddusaw NcmVettes/myimgs/image111.jpg
Stealth Our Story. I grew up in the SF Bay Area during the Golden Age of muscle cars and cruising. Lived American Graff... : Paul Smith NcmVettes/myimgs/image112.jpg
Roxy "Roxy" is a northern Jersey gal dressed as a 2017 Arctic White Grand Sport Convertible. She is a 3LT beauty with... : John Natisin NcmVettes/myimgs/image113.jpg
MELLO Myriad stories abound regarding companionships about people; Romeo and Juliet, Nixon and Billy Graham, Yogi, Bil... : Peter A. Perolini NcmVettes/myimgs/image114.jpg
Bill Preston 1957 FI Bill Preston bought this 1957 Corvette in 1969 for $1,000 from a college student, who wanted money to get married... : Diane Preston NcmVettes/myimgs/image115.jpg
60th Z06 Photo was taken @ the annual Vettes & Jets car show, held every spring @ the National Museum of Navel Aviation in... : Paul Hewett NcmVettes/myimgs/image116.jpg
Paul&Mike Mariano 67 DIVINE INTERVENTION As I was departing for the Pomona Swap Meet in Southern California in early 1984 in search o... : Mike Mariano NcmVettes/myimgs/image117.jpg
Air Force One On every Sunday afternoon, I would take my 1965 Stingray Convertible for a ride in the Hill country. Each drive ... : Stephen B. Page NcmVettes/myimgs/image118.jpg
BadJake BadJake is 1 of 7 2009 GT1 Championship Edition black convertibles built to commemorate the 10 years of Corvette ... : Travis Raczynski NcmVettes/myimgs/image119.jpg
Bernie Bernie's Back Several years we purchased our first corvette from Tom Hendricks at Buds Chevrolet in St. Marys,... : Jeanette Bruck NcmVettes/myimgs/image120.jpg
1984 delivery Photo was taken at Iten Chevrolet/Brooklyn Center, MN during delivery of my '84 on 5/11/83. Unmounted window stic... : Walter Grivna NcmVettes/myimgs/image121.jpg
Edziu's Vette In the 60's I grew up the son of a Detroit auto worker. My father worked 50 years at Chevrolet Gear & Axle in Ha... : Edward J. Kowalczyk NcmVettes/myimgs/image122.jpg
First Car1999 Corvette I saw my first Corvette at 8 and fell in love immediately. My first car was almost a Corvette convertible but pe... : Todd L. Kauffman NcmVettes/myimgs/image123.jpg
Sarah I've been working for GM Dealerships since I was a teen. In 1989 as a new tech in training the Service Manager de... : David Kaufmann NcmVettes/myimgs/image124.jpg
Betsy fixup : Russ A. Beyer NcmVettes/myimgs/image125.jpg
Pandora's box NcmVettes/myimgs/image126.jpg
2009 Corvette Z51 Coupe This photo was taken on March 24, 2020, the day before the Austin, TX COVID-19 stay at home order went into effec... : Ted Maeurer NcmVettes/myimgs/image127.jpg
Patriot I served in the military (US Army) for 28 plus years and my wife and family will tell you that there is nothing I... : Carlos Rodriguez NcmVettes/myimgs/image128.jpg
Dave's Daily Driver (Triple D)) Dave's Daily Driver or Triple D was bought new in November of 2019 and is a totally stock 2019 C-7 2LT Stingray. ... : David Read NcmVettes/myimgs/image129.jpg
PACSMAN My story includes a 20 year search for my all time favorite car - the 1960 Tasco Turquoise Corvette. After many i... : Kevin R. Kirsch NcmVettes/myimgs/image130.jpg
my lilbluevette Ever since I was little a always wanted a Corvette. In 2003 I went to the 50th Anniversary celebration in Nashvil... : Sharon Troster NcmVettes/myimgs/image131.jpg
Shane's C5 Vette From my early days in High School, I always said I would get a Corvette. It has been many years and unfortunatel... : Shane P. McCarthy NcmVettes/myimgs/image132.jpg
Hal Shortly after buying my 2017 Grand Sport with Heritage package I attempted to exit the vehicle while it was runni... : Lorraine Vickers NcmVettes/myimgs/image133.jpg
C6 "2007" COUPE, 3LT, MONTEREY RED Billy Boat PRT mufflers, Body color door openers, Body color third-brake holde... : Johnnie P. Walker NcmVettes/myimgs/image134.jpg
Bumblebee In 1974 I was just married and starting my first job and all our money was going to food and rent. One day coming... : Larry McLaughlin NcmVettes/myimgs/image135.jpg
Wayne Goonan's 2017 ZO6 Wayne J. Goonan 1137 Northern Blvd Baldwin Harbor New York 11510 M:(516) 250-7016 2... : Wayne J. Goonan NcmVettes/myimgs/image136.jpg
Dawn's Beautiful Blue Beast Pictured is my 2017 Admiral Blue Corvette Stingray. She was purchased new on February 1st 2017. It took awhile to... : Dawn Strohecker NcmVettes/myimgs/image137.jpg
Big Green My Story I'm a 1967 small block L79 Goodwood Green coupe living in Napa, CA. My owner Sandy calls me Big Gree... : Sandy Houck NcmVettes/myimgs/image138.jpg
1998 Corvette Indy 500 Track Car This car was #20 of 110 1998 Corvette Indy 500 Pace car replicas used by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during t... : Thomas Mathews NcmVettes/myimgs/image139.jpg
First Car On our Route 66 trip to the End of the Trail, Santa Monica Pier, California. Up Pacific Coast Highway to San Fr... : Tom Rittenhouse NcmVettes/myimgs/image140.jpg
2016 Corvette Z06 "Blackie" Six months after purchase, I hit a deer with this car. The deer hit the drivers side front fender, was thrown to ... : Michael A. Hazey III NcmVettes/myimgs/image141.jpg
The Flash The Stingray came out during my first year at college. I really wanted one! In 1965, the Vette had a flat hood ... : Fredrick Gordon NcmVettes/myimgs/image142.jpg
Wayne's Green 01 I'm active duty Navy and bought this beauty thru the military car sales program. Since I picked her up 20 years a... : Wayne E. Mark NcmVettes/myimgs/image143.jpg
First Car I have wanted a corvette since 1954 when I was ten years old. I finally got my first one 2 years ago at 73 years ... : John R. West NcmVettes/myimgs/image144.jpg
First Car : George D. Winner NcmVettes/myimgs/image145.jpg
Simply Irresistible 1985 Z51 Automatic. Name comes from a line in the song of the same name, "There's no telling where the money wen... : Joe Kelty NcmVettes/myimgs/image146.jpg
1959-2019 ZR1 60 Year Evolution My wife, JJ, and I, purchased the 1959 Corvette about 44 years ago shortly after we were married, and have enjoye... : Brad Hanson NcmVettes/myimgs/image147.jpg
Scarlette 2002 C5 Magnetic Red Corvette Convertible. We drove my C5 from Florida for our first time Corvette Museum trip. H... : Mark Malkin NcmVettes/myimgs/image148.jpg
Chicken heart After being told I couldn't ride motorcycles again ( I'm 74) due to an I.C.D. implanted in my chest, I sold my H... : Jonathan Delpozo NcmVettes/myimgs/image149.jpg
Spyder's Vette Hi My nickname is Spyder. My car's name is Spyder's Vette. Last October 2019, I was attending an antique and h... : John Schoonenberg NcmVettes/myimgs/image150.jpg
2003 C5 Anniversary Edition After years of discussion my wife and I decided this was the year we were going to buy a Corvette. We started lo... : Douglas Mikan NcmVettes/myimgs/image151.jpg
2000 Corvette Red Six years ago my niece asked me if I would drive her to her wedding. So I polished up the car and we did our "Cin... : FRANK J. (contact) MERCEDE NcmVettes/myimgs/image152.jpg
Revival of 1965 396 4:56 stored for 48 years 1965 396 4:56 Teak Wheel, Telescopic Column, Leather Seats. My cousin ordered this car twice (long story). The s... : Dean Harmon NcmVettes/myimgs/image153.jpg
Pearly 2000 LIGENFELTER after purchased got sent to ligenfelter for the 650hp package, then in 2005 got sent back for ... : Fernando Aguirre NcmVettes/myimgs/image154.jpg
SHOW N GO Growing up on the boulevard in Queens, New York, I was fortunate enough to watch all the muscle cars of the 70's ... : Douglas Scheidet NcmVettes/myimgs/image155.jpg
First Car 2013 427. Most powerful Corvette convertible ever. My daily driver, and Pace Car for Waterford Hills Road Racing,... : Todd Nouse NcmVettes/myimgs/image156.jpg
First Car This 1963 convertible was initially purchased by an eye doctor in Galax Virginia, and sold to my father in 1964. ... : Jonathan Patterson NcmVettes/myimgs/image157.jpg
C6 Convertible Atomic Orange 16 years old and hooked. I was 16 when my Dad said, "Mom wants a loaf of Italian bread with dinner. Go to the sto... : Andrea M. Interlicchia NcmVettes/myimgs/image158.jpg
YOU CAN'T BE TOO CAREFUL 2020 My wife of 45 years and I purchased a 1966 Coupe only because the bedroom set that we were going to purchase woul... : Jim Sipp NcmVettes/myimgs/image159.jpg
Scott's 1991 C4 Convertible I purchased the car several years ago from the 3rd owner. Recently, I decided to piece together an accurate owner... : Scott Sandler NcmVettes/myimgs/image160.jpg
1964 Fuelie This beautiful original Fuel Injected Corvette competed in the 1964 Pikes Pike Hill climb by the same owner who ... : Joseph E. Magoto NcmVettes/myimgs/image161.jpg
Barney's Baby Barney's "Baby” I bought "Baby” in 1974. She had a 327ci in her at that time and the original engine came alo... : Bernard Rafferty NcmVettes/myimgs/image162.jpg
Little Red Riding Hood Any day is a great day riding in our Corvette, even if we are in isolation. We are new to the Corvette owner worl... : craig bernhoft NcmVettes/myimgs/image163.jpg
2000 C5 Convertible Arctic White Torch Red Leather My 2000 C5 is in front of the actual Navy F-14 Tomcat used in the flick, "TOP GUN," which resides at a local VFW.... : Barry L. Dorshimer NcmVettes/myimgs/image164.jpg
Dennis and Maggie's Corette My journey started with a 1970 Z28 Camaro. Fast forward thirty plus years. My wife and I fell in love with a 20... : dennis g. dixon NcmVettes/myimgs/image165.jpg
Grand Sport Grand Sport #855 of 1,000. One of 6 from the 1,000 produced having the same options (per Grand Sport Registry). 1... : David Delaney NcmVettes/myimgs/image166.jpg
BigBux67 Our '67 coupe was purchased 21 1/2 years ago. Since then she has performed well on many autocrosses, a couple of ... : Robert Lueckel NcmVettes/myimgs/image167.jpg
Forever Vette ??? Honestly, I thought our 2014 Corvette Z51 convertible was going to be our "forever Vette”, but lo and behold, the... : Mary Javor NcmVettes/myimgs/image168.jpg
1969 Corvette This Picture was taken at the Mount St Helens Forest Learning Center where I volunteer during the summer months. ... : Tom Bredfield NcmVettes/myimgs/image169.jpg
First Car I am Karen Bedell, my 3rd Corvette is my 2017 C7 Grand Sport, 3LT, competition seats. I drive and therefore clea... : Karen Bedell NcmVettes/myimgs/image170.jpg
1970 Corvette This is my 1970 Bridgehampton Blue Stingray that I bought new in 1970. My wife and I were newly married at that t... : Mike Leahy NcmVettes/myimgs/image171.jpg
Dave's Grand Sport 2019 Grand Sport 2LT. The car was just brought out of winter storage for good behavior in time for this picture ... : David L. Lutz NcmVettes/myimgs/image172.jpg
Vette This is my fisrt Vette. Its a 2002 Electron Blue Coupe. I got my lady in July of 2009. To this day I can still lo... : Kim R. Johnson NcmVettes/myimgs/image173.jpg
Pope I purchased the car from my neighbor. So my wife said she would take care of the paper work the next day, I had t... : Michael P. Borowiak NcmVettes/myimgs/image174.jpg
DNA TNT Fell in love with the C7, sold my '94 Viper that I bought new. Thinking that I usually keep my "Fun" ride for 20 ... : Peter Claus NcmVettes/myimgs/image175.jpg
Art Townshend Mirage Bought it new in 1986. I added all the body effects myself and had 4 coats Corvette Black and 3 coats clean Imron... : Art Townshend NcmVettes/myimgs/image176.jpg
TWEETY B When I had my 2015 Velocity Yellow Coupe, I went to the IMSA Race at the Circuit of the Americas to watch Corvet... : Kenneth "Tweety" Berg NcmVettes/myimgs/image177.jpg
2007 Z06 Orange Peel I live in Hamilton, Ontario Canada and purchased my dream car (Atomic Orange 2007 Z06) almost 3 years ago. After ... : Mark Moses NcmVettes/myimgs/image178.jpg
Suzie's 75 Corvette I have had the pleasure of owning 7 Corvettes in my lifetime. I purchased my first, a new 1971 LT-1 Coupe, when I... : Ron Meischner NcmVettes/myimgs/image179.jpg
"50 Years to the Day" Dana Forrester's watercolor captures the first 50 years of our affection for Corvette. 1958, The pink slip sho... : Jerry Craig NcmVettes/myimgs/image180.jpg
Eleanor A barn find (1979 Corvette coupe, white) in St. Augustine, Florida. A new, small block Chevy (5.7 Vortec truck en... : Daniel Beyer NcmVettes/myimgs/image181.jpg
Mariah Went to buy a used Chevrolet in Seattle in 2018, and mentioned to the salesman that I was looking for a nice used... : Daniel Beyer NcmVettes/myimgs/image182.jpg
Durwood A 1990 white convertible. Bought from a business associate of my brother in law in Spokane, Washington. Originall... : Daniel Beyer NcmVettes/myimgs/image183.jpg
Restored 1954 C1 I purchased this vehicle in pieces! Living in Gainesville FL, a friend told me about the car. He had taken the ... : danny r. rockett NcmVettes/myimgs/image184.jpg
Papa's '61 This video tells the whole story better than I could ever write it: We built the ca... : Jeff Stebar NcmVettes/myimgs/image185.jpg
Yetivette After my first few drag races, it was clear I was addicted to the sport. I began to search for a dedicated drag c... : Hilary Whiting NcmVettes/myimgs/image186.jpg
Sunset Chaser C5 I grew up in a family that has a passion for restoring Corvettes and preserving American sports cars. Spending h... : Hilary Whiting NcmVettes/myimgs/image187.jpg
Angel Wings C7 It is the fulfillment of a life long dream to own a Stingray. I had a 69 Stingray poster on my bedroom wall as a... : Mark Oholendt NcmVettes/myimgs/image188.jpg
Big Red C2 - 1964 String Ray Coupe Color – Riverside Red w/Black Interior Engine - 327 ci, 300 HP, High Performance... : Bill Norman NcmVettes/myimgs/image189.jpg
1965 Corvette Coupe We have owned this '65 Coupe for 22 years. It is a 300HP, Air, 4 speed car. It was restored to NCRS standards b... : Ed Barrett NcmVettes/myimgs/image190.jpg
2016 ZO6 Convertible-1-1 I have always loved the corvette. My wish was to order a new one with museum delivery. When the C7 came out I kne... : Emmer Domerchie NcmVettes/myimgs/image191.jpg
First Car Purchased for $2500.00 in 1977. Changed engine 11 times (327-396-350 -427-454-468) Ended up with LS1 aftermarket ... : Phillip Lott NcmVettes/myimgs/image192.jpg
1975 Coupe When I was young and in the military, I found a 1975 Coupe L-48. I loved working on and just being in that car. ... : Kevin D. Long NcmVettes/myimgs/image193.jpg
2003 Z06 My original owner 2003 Electron Blue Z06. Of the three Corvettes I currently own, this is the only one I customiz... : Dennis Sierens NcmVettes/myimgs/image194.jpg
8TY4SPD and TRUNK Hi Folks, We are C3 enthusiasts, and this is one of three photos of our Numbers-Matching, Completely Stock, L4... : Michael Waal NcmVettes/myimgs/image195.jpg
8TY4SPD and TRUNK-1-1 Hi folks, This is another photo of our 1980, which you previously viewed under registration "8TY4SPD and TRUNK... : Michael Waal NcmVettes/myimgs/image196.jpg
1963 CORVETTE The problem. I was a junior in high school when the 2nd generation, tenth anniversary ‘Split Window Coupe' deb... : Michael Brown NcmVettes/myimgs/image197.jpg
ZORANGE 2019 ZR1 VIN #60 - DOB 3/19/18; NCM Delivery 4/10/18 to her proud parents, Alan & Andrea Fuller who are Lifetime ... : Alan Fuller NcmVettes/myimgs/image198.jpg
60th 427 My wife and I are avid Corvette fans and owners. We belong to 2 Corvette clubs and we were each president in one ... : Brad Gray NcmVettes/myimgs/image199.jpg
74 Corvette StingRay - Karl Schmidt Back in 2011, I was browsing around a dealer in Fairmont Indiana who had a lot of Corvettes in many locations on ... : Karl Schmidt NcmVettes/myimgs/image200.jpg
Diva I have always dreamed of owning a Corvette. But life's responsibilities prevented me from buying one. As I approa... : Hillary Dukas NcmVettes/myimgs/image201.jpg
OLDDUDE I bought the car for my retirement at the age of 66 years old. 14 years later, it's done. It's a 1975 coupe. Of... : Wayne Grover NcmVettes/myimgs/image202.jpg
OSKER My daughter has been attending Corvette and other car shows with me since high school and she had grown to like m... : John Opper NcmVettes/myimgs/image203.jpg
2015 Atlantic Edition : Tom Repas The RAREST RPO code of any Corvette ever produced!! ATI 1 of 17 madeNcmVettes/myimgs/image204.jpg
Quick Silver This is our second Corvette, we did both the Buyer's Tour and Museum Delivery. Being part of the Corvette Club Co... : John Hellmers NcmVettes/myimgs/image205.jpg
Lime Rock Green Metallic Convertible This car is distinctive because it was a Special Edition in 2014 and showcased three colors: Lime Rock Green Met... : Al Macdonald NcmVettes/myimgs/image206.jpg
QWKENUF ALL DRESSED UP AND NO PLACE TO GO This 2015 Shark Gray Metallic Z06 is the 319th C7 Z06 built. After much con... : Mike Thompson NcmVettes/myimgs/image207.jpg
Dragon This is my first Corvette - his name is Dragon. I have the privilege of working in a children's hospital that is... : Kaye Wagner NcmVettes/myimgs/image208.jpg
First Car My Corvette saga began with an infatuation for a C2 roadster. The C3's were on the highways and I was forced to ... : Jack Sampson NcmVettes/myimgs/image209.jpg
Tony's 1963 Corvette The 1963 Split Window Coupe is one of the most recognized Corvettes in the world and the 327 Cu In, 360 HP Fuel I... : Tony McBride NcmVettes/myimgs/image210.jpg
1969 LeMans Blue Coupe The car is an original owner car. I ordered October 5, 1968 and took delivery February 1, 1969. It is LeMans Bl... : Stephen Graham NcmVettes/myimgs/image211.jpg
RV50th Growing up I fell in love with the corvette, and promised myself someday I would own one. That day came true on B... : Ricky Carara NcmVettes/myimgs/image212.jpg
GS-90 #002 of 6 Famous CORVETTE racer Dick Guldstrand (aka "Mr. Corvette") sought to build a true world-class American SuperCar b... : Charlie Budenz NcmVettes/myimgs/image213.jpg
1965 Coupe, Blade Silver I joined the Air Force after high school and saved my money to buy my first car. I was discharged in December of... : Charlie Burga NcmVettes/myimgs/image214.jpg
58 Corvette 1958 Corvette with Charcoal Exterior, Charcoal Interior, 250 HP Fuel Injected, Automatic, Power Windows, Power To... : Thomas Loftin NcmVettes/myimgs/image215.jpg
rvs 2003Corvette My Wife and I took delivery of our baby on March 11, 2003 at the Museum. What a Great Experience... and one we'l... : Richard Van Sickle NcmVettes/myimgs/image216.jpg
Our First Corvette I have always said my blood runs Mustang Blue but that all changed when I bought my first corvette in 2011. It is... : John W. Lammle NcmVettes/myimgs/image217.jpg
1982 Corvette 1982 Corvette. 1 Of 52 Produced. Total Production 25,407 58K Miles Original Paint Original Interior Gold ... : Ed Brown NcmVettes/myimgs/image218.jpg
My 77 In 1982 I turned 21 got married (one month shy of turning 21) bought our first house. I then decided to buy a car... : Anthony Crispino Sr NcmVettes/myimgs/image219.jpg
2016 Stingray Convertable Z51First Car Vette, VIN 1GYM3D74G51111721 was configured online by me during month of August 2015. Completed order was deliver... : Gene Eller NcmVettes/myimgs/image220.jpg
Artic In July 2019, my wife and I saw a stunning 2007 C6 sparkling white corvette with beautiful red interior and a bla... : Charles Vedral NcmVettes/myimgs/image221.jpg
First Car This boy's lifelong dream is to own a corvette. This dream was amplified when a friend invited this same kid, at... : Dan Bauman NcmVettes/myimgs/image222.jpg
C2- 1963 What do you get when your husband attends a local auction without you? Answer: a 1963 silver blue C2 corvette. ... : Dan Bauman NcmVettes/myimgs/image223.jpg
Our Dream Grand Sport In "11 my wife and I went to Barrett Jackson in Vegas. When we returned I started looking for a new Grand Sport o... : R. Kevin Halloran NcmVettes/myimgs/image224.jpg
GT-VETT Gary Tripp - Plymouth MA I've owned 4 generations of Corvettes, C1(62), C2(67),,,, C6(06), C7(17). What happen ... : Gary Tripp NcmVettes/myimgs/image225.jpg
Mike's 67 CandyBlue June of 1995 I responded to an ad for a 1967 Corvette for sale in the Houston paper. When the wife, Willa and I a... : Mike White NcmVettes/myimgs/image226.jpg
Y My 67 convertible, driven everywhere for the past 22 years. Bought sight unseen from my cousin in Colorado. He fi... : Peter Asacker NcmVettes/myimgs/image227.jpg
Dark knight 4 ¹/² years ago my wife and I bought the car. The only custom idea on it was the grand sport back fender. Now the... : Doug Kerns NcmVettes/myimgs/image228.jpg
Old Yeller My dad purchased this 1993 coupe from Dan Young Chevrolet in Indianapolis (now Penske Chevrolet) in the fall of 1... : Russell A. Sparks NcmVettes/myimgs/image229.jpg
Grand Sport #008 Our Dream Car! 1996 Grand Sport, red interior, #008! After listening to many exciting adventures from members of... : David S. Laudermilch NcmVettes/myimgs/image230.jpg
First Car The year is 1962 and the boy (me) is 15 years old. Sitting in the garage on weekends is my Dad's 1960, white Corv... : Ron E. Arends NcmVettes/myimgs/image231.jpg
LT1990 Since I was a child, I had dreamed of owning a red Corvette convertible with a white top. In 2002, I had the opp... : Robert L. Tucker NcmVettes/myimgs/image232.jpg
1977 Black L82 Coupe The year was 1970. I had just finished college, secured my first "real" job, and bought a brand new Mulsanne Blue... : James F. Baylus NcmVettes/myimgs/image233.jpg
1965 Corvette I commissioned Bumbera's Performance to complete a frame-off restoration of this 1965 Corvette. Not a single nut ... : Charles Edenfield NcmVettes/myimgs/image234.jpg
1961 Corvette I'm entering our 1961 Corvette in honor of my late husband, Bruce Mutter, Glasgow, KY. Bruce was an avid Corvett... : Glenda Mutter NcmVettes/myimgs/image235.jpg
First Car This is a frame-off restored 1970 LS5 Corvette that I have owned for 23 years. It's optioned with a numbers match... : Chris Giannetti NcmVettes/myimgs/image236.jpg
C6 ZR1 What is more beautiful than two ZR1corvettes.... my wife and I love taking cruises together, which usually end up... : Paul Rose NcmVettes/myimgs/image237.jpg
C4-1996 This Corvette was purchased new in late 1995, as a 1996 C4 Corvette. The vehicle arrived in the Fall of 1995 to ... : Paul S. Pinto NcmVettes/myimgs/image238.jpg
The solid Axle I've owned a dozen or so corvettes but I have had this 1960 since 1988. It was in horrible condition when I got... : Jim J. Ferguson NcmVettes/myimgs/image239.jpg
First Car It was in the summer of 2010, when my friend Rick picked me up in his Corvette to go to a car show. Rick & I have... : Kevin C. Hanschu NcmVettes/myimgs/image240.jpg
Pop's 58 I bought the car in 1972 for $800 after the previous owner had hit a deer. I rebuilt the front end and had it on... : Dave Walker NcmVettes/myimgs/image241.jpg
The Grey Eagle My Corvette a 2006 Convertible was a 70th birthday gift from me to me purchased in 2010. Guess I was having a mid... : Dominic Costanzo NcmVettes/myimgs/image242.jpg
First Car2010 Grand Sport In 2009 to celebrate Corvette Racing going from GT1 to GTLM race group Corvette put special stripes on 125 cars..... : Charles Reynolds NcmVettes/myimgs/image243.jpg
BETSY Betsy is a C5 born in 2000. I purchased her in 2006 with only 14K miles. She is a gently used 20 year old with o... : Melissa Martinez NcmVettes/myimgs/image244.jpg
First Car In January, 2003, it was my 54th birthday and I had now passed my 8-year remission from Stage IIIC ovarian cancer... : Lois Lacoste NcmVettes/myimgs/image245.jpg
1967 Modified Corvette This is a 1967 Corvette that I have owned since before my children were born. I have owned many Corvettes but I w... : Jerry Mulick NcmVettes/myimgs/image246.jpg
VIRGINIA GENTLEMAN Virginia Gentleman This was a 1967 Corvette that was made into a famous drag Corvette by a very famous drag car ... : Jerry Mulick NcmVettes/myimgs/image247.jpg
2011 GRAND SPORT I finally pulled the trigger and bought my first corvette! I'm not one to hold back on just an average vehicle an... : Tom Clendenin NcmVettes/myimgs/image248.jpg
2019 Z06 My wife and I were just in the neighbor hood of the dealer and decided to take a look at the vets in there showro... : Tom Clendenin NcmVettes/myimgs/image249.jpg
Jet Black I bought my 67 Corvette with 9800 miles on March 14 1968 off the Showroom for $3800, It was snowing that day, sal... : Michael J. Burger NcmVettes/myimgs/image250.jpg
Corvettes Conquer Cancer 2006 C6 NCM Online Car Show 2020 "Best Story" entry Ben Labaree, owner Lifetime Member Duntov Society Entry: The C... : Ben Labaree NcmVettes/myimgs/image251.jpg
76 Vette I bought my 1976 (C3) Corvette seven years ago off the original owner. My wife had recently passed away from canc... : Doug Nestor NcmVettes/myimgs/image252.jpg
R8C-Z "You're seriously pregnant?!” At 26, I finally stepped up from ratty disco-era Camaros to a marginally less ratty... : Rolf Mair NcmVettes/myimgs/image253.jpg
Great White A few years ago I was looking for a well engineered car that I would enjoy modifying and driving spiritedly on tw... : Seth O'Camb NcmVettes/myimgs/image254.jpg
First Car Purchased my 67 vet 25 years ago from a college buddy. It was a good solid car but after a couple years I got the... : Thomas Brown NcmVettes/myimgs/image255.jpg
66 Nassau Blue Coupe An authentic, original California car, Nassau Blue exterior, Bright Blue interior, complete with functioning A.I.... : Fred Benenati NcmVettes/myimgs/image256.jpg
Retro '53 To my father, the right answer for the car to be produced to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Corvette was alway... : Deborah Raudins NcmVettes/myimgs/image257.jpg
The Lady THE LADY is a 1986 Coupe, silver/grey. She is named from the tv show 'Airwolf'. NOTHING screams mid-1980s like ... : Jonathan W. Morrisey NcmVettes/myimgs/image258.jpg
1979 Red Corvette 3 WE BOUGHT THIS 1979 CORVETTE IN NOV.1985 .WE ARE THE 2ND OWNER AND 27 YEARS LATER WE SOLD THE CAR TO CORVETTE MI... : Wolfgang R. Pfister NcmVettes/myimgs/image259.jpg
1979 Red Corvette 2 WE BOUGHT THIS 1979 CORVETTE IN NOV.1985 .WE ARE THE 2ND OWNER AND 27 YEARS LATER WE SOLD THE CAR TO CORVETTE MI... : Wolfgang R. Pfister NcmVettes/myimgs/image260.jpg
C3 Mantaray Purchased the car in the mid 1980's, my 3rd corvette, I was 30 yrs old, divorced with custody of a Daughter. She ... : David C. Milner NcmVettes/myimgs/image261.jpg
John Marsico's 1962 Corvette In 1957, at 12 years old, I was introduced to the Corvette. A neighbor bought a black Corvette. I was stricken. F... : John R. Marsico NcmVettes/myimgs/image262.jpg
1961 Purchased in 1983 with 12,000 miles while still in the Airforce. First 32 years used for driving to work and tour... : Bruce D. Jarrett NcmVettes/myimgs/image263.jpg
2013 427 Convertible Purchased this 2013 427 Torch Red Convertible in June of 2016 and I am the second owner, it originally was a GM f... : Robert Jason NcmVettes/myimgs/image264.jpg
New Blu In 1969 my dad purchased a blue 1966 Corvette. The Vette has been in my family since then. My father passed awa... : Tammi Prysiazny NcmVettes/myimgs/image265.jpg
C5R Track To pay tribute to the world's finest racing program, I transformed my 1998 C5 Corvette into a C5R tribute car to ... : Tommy Mckeehan NcmVettes/myimgs/image266.jpg
1971 ZR1 Convertible Few people know that the first series of ZR1 Corvettes were built from 1970-1972. During that three year period o... : Gerald Greenfield NcmVettes/myimgs/image267.jpg
73vette I bought this 1973 Corvette in 1996. The only real thing wrong with it, was had been repainted and not a very goo... : Fred W. Baumann NcmVettes/myimgs/image268.jpg
Black Beauty I have owned a couple of sports cars in the past - a 1985 Camaro, and a 2005 Mustang convertible. But my dream c... : James Workman NcmVettes/myimgs/image269.jpg
Greg Norton1969 Monza Red Coupe I have owned my 1969 Vette for 45 years and it has 141000 plus miles on the clock. The Dupont Lacquer Monza Red p... : Sue Norton NcmVettes/myimgs/image270.jpg
Sue Norton 2018 Grand sport I believe my 2018 Grand Sport is unique. The reasons being: It was built on the first day of 2018 production wit... : Sue Norton NcmVettes/myimgs/image271.jpg
1955 Corvette For many years this 1955 Corvette was my dad's daily driver in Las Vegas. In 1973 some kids drag racing hit it as... : Britton Braswell NcmVettes/myimgs/image272.jpg
First Car My love affair with the Corvette started back in the fall of 1960 when the tv show Route 66 premiered. I watched ... : John Jurick NcmVettes/myimgs/image273.jpg
1970 LS5 Stingray Corvette This 1970 LS5 454/390 hp Stingray Corvette is a numbers matching, frame off restoration. In 1981 the frame was ... : Harry Tovar NcmVettes/myimgs/image274.jpg
BlueZ51 My wife and I were looking for our first corvette. We knew just what we wanted(light gray interior, laguna blue c... : Carman Welliver Jr NcmVettes/myimgs/image275.jpg
Gerrys Car Gerry's 1960 Corvette Gerry purchased the car new, in Washington, and it currently has 294,420 miles on it. The... : Linda Boren NcmVettes/myimgs/image276.jpg
1963 Corvette Convertible Well, we are a corvette family for sure. All our adult married life we were blessed to have one in the garage (fo... : George Hafele NcmVettes/myimgs/image277.jpg
2017 corvette stingray I'm not a story teller, but I'll do my best. Our story began May 19, 1979, our wedding, when we left the church i... : Kenneth Farmer NcmVettes/myimgs/image278.jpg
1966 Nassau Blue Coupe Back in the 60's I fell in love with Corvettes as I watched "Route 66” on TV. Every time a Corvette passed while ... : Connie Kostyra NcmVettes/myimgs/image279.jpg
2016 Laguna Blue Z06 My wife & I had a museum delivery of our 2016 3LZ M7 Z06 on June 2, 2016. With the options we selected building o... : Vinny Ernandez NcmVettes/myimgs/image280.jpg
1995 C4 We got our inspiration to purchase the car while visiting the Harrah Museum in Reno during 2015. I noticed a 1989... : Robert Donaghy NcmVettes/myimgs/image281.jpg
Rhett's Vette My parents began taking me to the Corvette Expo in Knoxville TN when I was about 8 years old and I always said on... : Rhett N. Duckworth NcmVettes/myimgs/image282.jpg
Lisa & Mike Spinks' 2019 ZR1 Howdy from Willis, TX! We are entering our 2019 ZR1 Roadster! My wife Lisa & I ordered her in May 2018 after seei... : Mike Spinks NcmVettes/myimgs/image283.jpg
1993 Base Corvette Bright Aqua Metallic This is my 1993 Corvette. It might not be much to others, but this was hands down my dream car growing up. Most c... : Steve J. Wessler NcmVettes/myimgs/image284.jpg
TNT VETTE TNT VETTE This story has all ingredients to making a great Corvette. My wife and I have been married for 28 ye... : Tim Sherman NcmVettes/myimgs/image285.jpg
2016 Z51 Corvette Stingray I have always felt a connection with the Corvette. The story begins when I was born: 10/25/53. I always enjoyed t... : Greg Payne NcmVettes/myimgs/image286.jpg
Marilyn - 2005 Millennium Yellow I have wanted a yellow corvette since I was in high school. I absolutely fell in love with the C6 when it was in... : Jon R. Borcik NcmVettes/myimgs/image287.jpg
BLAZNC7 I knew retirement would be fun. But wait a minute, having this much fun in my 2017 C7 Collector Edition Grand Spo... : Patrick Newburn NcmVettes/myimgs/image288.jpg
First Car Buttercup We bought Buttercup in 1974 while living in Kalamazoo Mi. The car was it South Bend Indiana. We drove there at ... : Kathy April NcmVettes/myimgs/image289.jpg
FSTNUF Forty years ago, my first Corvette purchase was a 1972 red Corvette 350-4 speed. Thirty eight years ago, my secon... : Mark Adcock NcmVettes/myimgs/image290.jpg
Vettie Last October Robert and Liz Crews traveled to Bowling Green Kentucky in their C6 Corvette to participate in the N... : Robert Crews NcmVettes/myimgs/image291.jpg
1964 Corvette Roadster My First Vette My first introduction to Corvettes was through one of my college profs during my senior year at O... : Frederick W. Kassebaum NcmVettes/myimgs/image292.jpg
First Car : Henry D. Nibbe NcmVettes/myimgs/image293.jpg
BAD BOYFirst Car 2015 Corvette Stingray 2LT – Velocity Yellow – 6.2L, V8, 460 HP Top Speed of 186 MPH – 0 ... : Barry De Rose NcmVettes/myimgs/image294.jpg
My 56 I purchased my 1956 Corvette 56 years ago. The car and I have been together for over half a century! This enjoyab... : Joe Souther NcmVettes/myimgs/image295.jpg
First Car My first exposure to Corvettes was at the age of 14 when I went with my father to get a new car. We went to the l... : Bill Penn NcmVettes/myimgs/image296.jpg
Varoom Varoom is a 1966 Corvette Stingray that has a 327, 350 horse engine. The car puts that power to the ground throug... : Evan Spiczynski NcmVettes/myimgs/image297.jpg
The Spicey One MY CORVETTE STORY As the owner of 9 previous Corvettes ranging from a 1961 Black Convertible with dual tops to a... : PAUL THEBERGE NcmVettes/myimgs/image298.jpg
1963 Coup White It was 1968. I was 16 yeas old. I drove by the local dealer of our town and saw "It”. A white 1963 split window C... : Terry Clark NcmVettes/myimgs/image299.jpg
2012 Callaway 2012 Callaway Grand Sport LT3, Automatic, 12,000 Miles. It's all original except for upgraded coil packs and bra... : Jerry ALbrecht NcmVettes/myimgs/image300.jpg
First Car Meet a best in show, many best in class, best engine, best interior and a bunch of runner ups, back in the New En... : Philip Stein NcmVettes/myimgs/image301.jpg
1993 Ruby Red I have always wanted a corvette, I mean who wouldn't? So with my 50th birthday quickly approaching, I decided tha... : Paige Brown NcmVettes/myimgs/image302.jpg
Red Flags All Corvettes Are Red. ~John Heinricy I am a Little Red Corvette; Top down, Hair blowing, Torch red, On f... : Rebecca Breitel NcmVettes/myimgs/image303.jpg
Dakota Aero My first experience with a Corvette was in a neighbor's Black 63 split window coupe. I was hooked and later in li... : Casey C. Peterson NcmVettes/myimgs/image304.jpg
2003, 50th Anniversary, 50th Anniversary Red Corvette It was the fall of 1963 and I was in my second year of Junior High School when a friend of mine found me and said... : Peter R. Colelli NcmVettes/myimgs/image305.jpg
My 2007 Coupe This is my third and current Corvette, a 2007 C6 Velocity Yellow Coupe. When I got married in 1990, I had to tra... : Robert Herbage NcmVettes/myimgs/image306.jpg
Anthony's C5 I remember the day that my father and I went to Malcom Connor Chevrolet to pick up our C5. The smile on his face ... : Anthony Pusillo NcmVettes/myimgs/image307.jpg
Rick's Roman Red 62 Corvette Baby In 1970 while in the Marine Corps, and awaiting my orders, I ran into a fellow marine who was selling his 1962 Co... : Rick J. Quitmeyer NcmVettes/myimgs/image308.jpg
Dooley C-7 Black Rose After delivering some hot wheels to the NCM for the kids education department, we have one car we are going to h... : Martin Dooley NcmVettes/myimgs/image309.jpg
1962 Roadster Plum/Pearl Purchased my 327 FI after returning from Okinawa in 1966. It had been sold in Willits, Ca. in Dec,1961 to a frie... : John Yde NcmVettes/myimgs/image310.jpg
2017 Grand Sport Collector Edition: Watkins Glen Gray Mettallic When the new Grand Sport was announced at the Geneva Auto Show, my wife and I knew immediately this was the Corve... : Dave L. Chapman NcmVettes/myimgs/image311.jpg
1979 C3 L82 Silver Hi, my name is Nick, and this is the first awarded show we have entered our Corvette into. Two years ago, my Dad... : Nicholas Moore NcmVettes/myimgs/image312.jpg
Nightwind Way back in 1968, our 1966 427 Corvette coupe was totaled in a road accident. I asked my wife: "Before we do some... : Larry Van Gelder NcmVettes/myimgs/image313.jpg
1989 Corvette My family move to Bowling Green so my Sister and I could attend College at Western Kentucky University!! I toure... : Matthew L. Alt NcmVettes/myimgs/image314.jpg
Silver Toy Hello my name is James Holder I am 52 years old and this is my first Corvette. I have wanted a corvette since I ... : james holder NcmVettes/myimgs/image315.jpg
Dad's 1st Corvette It was the first, but not the last, Corvette Dad bought but it has the most interesting story. A dealership in Br... : Mary Anne Worrell NcmVettes/myimgs/image316.jpg
First Car1965 red corvette coupe I was introduced to corvettes in the early seventies when a friend shows up at my apartment with a 1960 he was wo... : Dean Rice NcmVettes/myimgs/image317.jpg
My Ginger I found her when I was stationed in Pearl Harbor Hawaii, because it was more practical to have 2 seats than a mot... : Roger Gaston NcmVettes/myimgs/image318.jpg
Twisted Z06 I had a 2001 Z06 and a 2002 Z28 Camaro. I kept both of them in excellent condition. I typically only took them o... : Lenny Friddle NcmVettes/myimgs/image319.jpg
1969 LeMans Blue Corvette Convertible 1969 Corvette Convertible • Original owner of the car (my father) purchased the car new in 1969 • Photo was tak... : Randy Homel NcmVettes/myimgs/image320.jpg
Three Rare Special Corvettes Three Rare Special Corvettes • 2006 Z06 – Second Z06 delivered through the Corvette Museum delivery in the fall ... : Randy Homel NcmVettes/myimgs/image321.jpg
2019 ZR1 Corvette 2019 Corvette ZR1 My ZR1 was a Christmas present from Santa (my husband). He new I wanted to add one to my colle... : Rosemary Dymek NcmVettes/myimgs/image322.jpg
8TY4SPD and TRUNK-1 Hi Folks, This is the another photo of our 1980 that you previously viewed in registration 8TY4SPD and TRUNK. ... : Michael Waal NcmVettes/myimgs/image323.jpg
91 convertible National award winner, NCS TOP FLIGHT 99.4%, BLOOMINGTON GOLD, GOLD CERTIFIED, 99.4% Chicago CHEVY/VVETTE FEST 98... : Michael Mikesell NcmVettes/myimgs/image324.jpg
Blue Demon I've been in love with Corvettes since I was young and first saw my great uncle's red 1963 Vette. I even asked fo... : Sindee Greenberg NcmVettes/myimgs/image325.jpg
1961 Corvette Honduras Maroon 1961 Corvette. Honduras Maroon and Ermine White. Black interior. Number matching car. 230 hp with a Powerglide tr... : Keith Cross NcmVettes/myimgs/image326.jpg
New First Car This is my first new car, I was only 19, I keep it until I was getting married at the age of 22. Made a great cho... : Paul J. Acito NcmVettes/myimgs/image327.jpg
Papa's Ride "You want me to drive?” I stared wide-eyed at the 2019 C7 steering wheel. Papa simply smiled and unbuckled. ... : Faith Worrell NcmVettes/myimgs/image328.jpg
Carlie There were 11 Carlisle Blue Metallic ZR1s produced in 2011. This is the 3rd one made with VIN #10. This corvett... : Terry Day NcmVettes/myimgs/image329.jpg
1978 Pace Car- SURVIROR On March 12th, 2016, I was reading through Craigslist and Ebay and I came across a 1978 Corvette, L48 4 Speed. Lo... : Evan D. Schanock NcmVettes/myimgs/image330.jpg
ZIPITY This is our 2nd C5 Corvette we have owned and it was love at first sight for this Z06. I have loved Corvettes eve... : Jeff Duda NcmVettes/myimgs/image331.jpg
2013 Grand Sport 60th Edition Red Corvette Stan & Kathy Tukey: How we became the proud owners of a beautiful 2013 Grand Sport 60th Edition Red Corvette and... : Stanford Tukey NcmVettes/myimgs/image332.jpg
First Car : Bruce McCown NcmVettes/myimgs/image333.jpg
2017 Grand Sport My story, the "Corvette Guy" started when I was a 14 year old kid spotting a white sports car, it was a 60 or 61 ... : Paul Vasques NcmVettes/myimgs/image334.jpg
Beige Boy 1980 Frost Beige Corvette: Nicked Named "Beige Boy" after a young girl at a car show exclaimed, "Beige cars are n... : Kelley K. Knight Heins NcmVettes/myimgs/image335.jpg
Lone Star Our 1989 Corvette does everything--parades, daily driver, race, car shows, etc. She has been a great car. We w... : Kelley K. Knight Heins NcmVettes/myimgs/image336.jpg
Atomic Rocket I ordered the car new in late 2007. Throughout my life I had always wanted a Corvette, so this c6 was the perfect... : Richard A. Rizzo NcmVettes/myimgs/image337.jpg
95 INDY This was Pace Car # 3, driven on race day by Mayor Steve Goldsmith. Two time NCRS Top Flight winner. Was asked re... : Frank T. FoPiano NcmVettes/myimgs/image338.jpg
Brian's 2010 GS Convertable My husband has always wanted a Corvette it was his dream car. He looked at all kinds of cars with different level... : Brian Walsh NcmVettes/myimgs/image339.jpg
JC's VETTE I was born in DETROIT, Mi. I was the youngest of 6, by a long shot ( 17 yrs.) My family all worked for Chrysler .... : Gerald A. Crabb NcmVettes/myimgs/image340.jpg
First Car Bloomington Gold Certified Survivor and Bloomington Gold Special Collection XXII Survivor. What makes this Cor... : Jason Rick NcmVettes/myimgs/image341.jpg
First Car My father had just passed away and I had survived a 35 ft. fall from my roof. As part of his estate proceedings ... : Fred Hughes NcmVettes/myimgs/image342.jpg
Museum Delivery Vette My son and I went on line and designed this Vette. I went to the PA dealer and said this is what I want. July 2... : Fred Hughes NcmVettes/myimgs/image343.jpg
First Car I found this Cyber Gray 2011 Grand Sport in May of 2018 after selling my 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W-30. This is my se... : Bill Szelag NcmVettes/myimgs/image344.jpg
2015 Stingray Z51 Daytona Sunrise Orange metallic coupe This is my wife's first new car which we bought when she was 72 years old so we ordered it with the personalized ... : Roger Wolf NcmVettes/myimgs/image345.jpg
2HOTC5 2002 Corvette Convertible My award winning 2002 Torch Red Convertible "2HOTC5” has been a labor of love with t... : Randall Lew NcmVettes/myimgs/image346.jpg
Mid-Year Mitch This Corvette was purchased in 1976 by our dear friend Frank. He took the car to a car show in Ohio in 1981 and ... : Mitchell S. Hrapchak NcmVettes/myimgs/image347.jpg
First Car When I saw the C7 Z06 reveal I knew it had to be my next Corvette and I wanted to make it special. Building the ... : Richard Bottis NcmVettes/myimgs/image348.jpg
Zed"0h6" Since, my 1st Corvette ride at 3 years old, I have read and studied about them... My mom swears one of my first w... : ROBERT L. DULING III NcmVettes/myimgs/image349.jpg
2006 Corvette Z06 in Lemans Blue This 2006 C6 Z06 in Lemans Blue has the best combination of options: 2006 is first year of C6 Z06 performance pac... : Luke Whipple NcmVettes/myimgs/image350.jpg
2014 Corvette convertible Limerock green irst Car Two years ago, I had to granddaughters both going to the same senior prom. As I have two identical 2014 Limerock... : Brian L. Bouchard NcmVettes/myimgs/image351.jpg
Betty Betty is 2001 Corvette Convertible. This car was also owned by Charles Sr. and Pam Trusler. After Charles Sr. p... : Dena Trusler NcmVettes/myimgs/image352.jpg
Dixie Dixie is a 2017 Corvette Stingray Z51 3LT with Z06 and Logo package. Continuing our love for Corvettes, this car... : Dena Trusler NcmVettes/myimgs/image353.jpg
Hot Wheels Hot Wheels is a 1973 Corvette Stingray. Hot Wheels was purchased at a consignment shop in Illinois in 2008.. Wh... : Dena Trusler NcmVettes/myimgs/image354.jpg
80 Yellow Corvette My uncle bought this Corvette new the year I was born (1979). He was a coal miner in Southeastern Kentucky and th... : Christopher Combs NcmVettes/myimgs/image355.jpg
Irish C7 2015 C51/C7, Museum Delivery; Tiger Shark Gray; RPI Splitter & Skirts; Z06 Grill & Air Ducts with screens; Escort... : Jim Noel NcmVettes/myimgs/image356.jpg
2014 Blue Convertible On one of my visits to the museum during the week, I learned there was something going on at the Motorpsorts Park... : Charles C. Gray NcmVettes/myimgs/image357.jpg
2012 Grand Sport Centennial Lingenfelter My Corvette is a 2012 Grand Sport Centennial Lingenfelter. I ordered it from Kerbeck‘s the largest Corvette deale... : Gary Castelucci NcmVettes/myimgs/image358.jpg
Banel Our 2014 Z51 was built 1/22/2014,we did the buyers touring met Mr Steve Grilli and told him we wanted get our car... : Nelson M. Mills NcmVettes/myimgs/image359.jpg
Toy For Mom I had a C7 Cyber Gray Stingray, but when the C7 Grand Sports came out I fell in love. Ordered a 2018 C7 Corvette... : Don Potts NcmVettes/myimgs/image360.jpg
1992 ZR-1 26's History This ZR-1 is number 26 of the 502 ZR-1s produced for model year 1992 and 1 or 4 yellow with light... : George T. Smith NcmVettes/myimgs/image361.jpg
One Owner Loved Vettes since little & by 69, had to have one. After visiting numerous dealers, found it at Balise Chevrolet... : Jack E. Mannix NcmVettes/myimgs/image362.jpg
Black Knight 1998 Black Convertible with custom fire paint and sword on the hood. Black paint is original 1998 Black paint an... : Ann Hill NcmVettes/myimgs/image363.jpg
WON-IT Pace Car This is my original 1978 L82, numbers matching, 4 speed, CB Pace Car. I WON this car in the NCCC raffle for Spin... : Allan Orr NcmVettes/myimgs/image364.jpg
First Car I sold my 1967 goodwood green, 427, 435 Stingray in 1969 for $3650 in NY, and got married. In 1991, I went to an... : James Stern NcmVettes/myimgs/image365.jpg
JRS13GS I bought my first Vette a 1982 in 2004. Just bought my second 2013 Grand Sport this past October. I have admired... : John L. Roden NcmVettes/myimgs/image366.jpg
2013 427 60 th ann Convertible Believed to be One of last two 427 Convertibles off the assembly line. The other was a triple black 427 convertib... : Stephen K. Bird NcmVettes/myimgs/image367.jpg
The Blue Bomb I acquired this 1990 Corvette in 2009 in a trade for a older 1 ton pickup that didnt run. The car was in rough sh... : Dennis Pollard NcmVettes/myimgs/image368.jpg
MY '62 Born in St. Louis on March 3, 1962, raised in Michigan, moved to TEXAS on September 8, 2012. I'm a very original... : Mike Sauder NcmVettes/myimgs/image369.jpg
First Car My Friend Kirby's Z06 Delivery Story; "Third Time is the Charm”! By Jeremy Welborn; NCM Ambassador-In early June,... : Kirby Montgomery NcmVettes/myimgs/image370.jpg
My AKOVETT After almost 42 years I got around to getting my second Corvette. It is a 2007 with the LT3 and Z51 packages and... : Kurt D. Oosterlinck NcmVettes/myimgs/image371.jpg
Vernon's Corvette My father in-law, Vernon, had been diagnosed with cancer several years ago (mesothelioma). He was a Navy veteran,... : Andrew Phelps NcmVettes/myimgs/image372.jpg
2011 Black Grand Sport Convertible For most of my life I have been an admirer of Corvettes, but an admirer only. I'll never forget my first actual ... : David Borer NcmVettes/myimgs/image373.jpg
Glenn Lay I have loved Corvettes from the first time I saw one under the lights one night at an intersection in Cleveland. ... : Glenn Lay NcmVettes/myimgs/image374.jpg
2019 Corvette Grand Sport coupe - Anna After owning several Corvettes through the years, a manual C7 was my dream car. So I began designing my ultimate... : Terry Pass NcmVettes/myimgs/image375.jpg
Tweety Bird Tweety Bird. The story is, she was supposed to be "Red Corvette". That is what I was shopping for in December 200... : Lou Ann Pond NcmVettes/myimgs/image376.jpg
First Car I own (original owner) a 1973 L82, 4 sp coupe w/ the custom interior, AM-FM stereo radio, & power steering. I ad... : Marc K. Taylor NcmVettes/myimgs/image377.jpg
C-1 Many years ago when I meet my wife, she had a story that when she grew up in Sandpoint Idaho in late 1980's... on... : Mark Wiley NcmVettes/myimgs/image378.jpg
REAL GOOD Over the years I have owned and driven a handful of Corvettes. C3's, C5, C6 and for the past five years a C7. Con... : Michael Guiffre NcmVettes/myimgs/image379.jpg
2014 C7 Stingray - GJT In 2014, my wife thought it was impractical to get a new Stingray without first selling our C4, and I didn't want... : Joe Thrailkill NcmVettes/myimgs/image380.jpg
First Car First man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong's 1967 Corvette. His Corvette underwent a years long conservation/restorati... : Joe Crosby NcmVettes/myimgs/image381.jpg
63 Resto-mod About two tears ago I received a phone call from my son-in-law stating "your daughter has a 50th birthday coming ... : Ralph Ridge NcmVettes/myimgs/image382.jpg
Eileens 1958 In 2005 my wife told me she had always desired a Corvette C1. Who knew? That year was our 25th wedding anniversar... : Brian McConnell NcmVettes/myimgs/image383.jpg
1963 Silver Blue Split Window This is my 1963 split window Corvette with 12,061 original miles on it. It is an early silver blue 1963 with two ... : Mike Skeuse NcmVettes/myimgs/image384.jpg
1984 Corvette I've been a Corvette fan since I was 10 years old, and always wanted one. So when I had the chance to buy my firs... : Spencer M. Marusic NcmVettes/myimgs/image385.jpg
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